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Curpa di Stephany Flores tabata pata-pata di golpi

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muhemortoperuORANJESTAD (AAN): Joran van der Sloot a hinca su mes den un abismo increible! El a bira e Sospechoso principal di un asesinato cruel den un Hotel na Lima, Peru. Hopi hende ta puntra con e ta haya placa pa viaha tur caminda asina? E contesta por ta, den e mesun torneo na cual el a participa! E ta hunga hopi den Poker Online, y tambe participa den torneonan. Diaranzon mainta a bin haya e curpa sin bida di su amiga Stephany Flores-Ramirez, kende tabata golpia formal. Aunke ainda no tin ningun resultado di autopsia, Polis a revela cu e victima tabatin masha hopi golpi y rasca na su cara, y algun parti di e curpa. E no tin ningun herida di hinca.
joranE tabatin hematoma fuerte na su pia y brazonan, indicando cu el a bringa cu su agresor, prome cu el a muri. E victima a worde haya benta abao, un tiki di banda. E double-bed tabatin e colchon hala di banda, y e camber tabata tur reboltea. Tambe nan a haya varios cup di plastic usa, ticketnan di Casino Atlantic City, y mas.

Stephany tabatin un Polo-Shirt bisti, y su panty. Pero tur cos ta parce di indica cu a haya resto di semen, aunke esaki mester worde confirma door di test forensico.

Na 2005 tambe, Joran van der Sloot a aparece riba e fechanan ey cu golpi na su curpa. Kizas esey ta e motibo cu e ta huy atrobe, pa busca forma pa e golpinan aki cura pa caba?

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  1. Oh My Gosh!!! he’s done it again! They should have locked him up the first time…who knows how many he’s really killed and was able to cover up!
    This is what happens when parents are enablers…you create a monster!!!

  2. Seems he’s a serial killer in the making—if he isn’t already. Daddy isn’t there to aid with a cover-up.

  3. OMG! A freaking serial killer is on the loose; Hopefully there are vigilantes to take care of what the Aruban authorities did not !!!

  4. Aruba is responsible for the death if this young Peru girl. Her blood is on the hand of all Aruba citizens. Your country should have supported Beth Holloway. Instead you made her out to be an evil person and chose not to prosecute a murderer. Shame on Aruba. Shame on an American that visits your country.

  5. The Aruba Public Prosecutor must disappear, and give rise to an asec Ministry!

    The Aruba Public Prosecutor must disappear, and leave the place free for fairness!!

    The Public Prosecutor must disappear, and leave the placefree profecional!!!

  6. Wel Wel si wordo comproba cu e tal Joran van der sloot a comete e asesinato aki anto awor si e lo hana su merecido. E guy aki ta manera un tiger rabioso buscando victima. E ta yen di rabia y mi ta sigur cu parti di e motivo ta cu e tin rabia cu su tata a muri y con e a wordo critica. Adicionalmente e ta un guy cu tin un problema cu hende mujer y e ta un ” asesino en serie “.

    Ora e wordo deteni y condena preshon mester wordo poni ariba dje pa kibre y pone papia tambe pa e caso di Natalee. Autoridadnan na Aruba mester pone interes den e caso aki di Joran na Peru. Tambe mi ta bisa cu e conection cu su tata tabata tin cu su amigo jefe halto di polis na Aruba, su compatriota hulandes, a yuda salba Joran den e caso na Aruba.

    Mi ta pidi Dios cu e biaha aki e wordo gara, condena si e a hasi e crimen na Peru y e paga duro pa tur e dano cu e a causa pa Aruba.

    Mare e pudri den prison na Peru. Aya e ta bai sa kon dushi y bon prison ta na Sur America. Leu foi su unico sosten cu ta su mama. Y otro cos e pidi Dios cu e wordo poni apart den cel pasobra mi amigo e lo wordo comi………….. vivo y e espacio aki no ta permiti mi bisa otro cos mas, pero bo por hasi bo conclucion.


  7. Someone probably set him up! Joran is way too smart to leave a body in his hotel room. All I can say is, “What goes around comes around.” He will be a fugitive for life! A typical “Richard Cambell.”

  8. mobs at work again?? de heren van de misdaad weten er meer van…. ze doen het beter dan die goossie.

  9. Yes, the Dutch Juridical System does not work well have lots of gap and we can see now how their work was done! perhaps many people involve should be prosecuted to!They really help him get away with murder! shame on them! and
    J.Sea brook, I understand you want to blame the complete Island for some bad choices of some people but it’s nor fair for almost everybody that had nothing to do with this don’t be si ignorant! many people of the community did not
    stand behind this European Dutch bad species Joran van de Sloot!

  10. pat and seabrook i’m proud arubian citizen. and i’m am sorry for yall missing girl. But how much girls arent missin each day in your country and nobody ever see or hear someting about it again.
    in aruba that doesn’t hapen so often compare it with your country. Without saying that joran van der sloot is not a arubian.He’s Dutch.so seeing you saying that we shouls be ashamed of ourselfs. well you all in usa should be ashamed of your country for all those missing girl that goes every day on that nancy slut show. so deal with it but without using aruba for your excuse 😛

  11. and every day a litle girl goes missing in usa that your autorities also doesn’t even have a clue what happend. So don’t come up in here with your blaming your lost on aruba. try solve some cases in usa first before trying to jugdin a country you don’t know. cause in aruba up in here will smack al you people who think there better than us. so get your act together before someting bad heppens to you. fawaka

  12. I Agree with Mr. PEN. The Dutch Juridical System (Also applied in Aruba and Neth. Antilles) DOESNT WORK. In my opinion, Dutch justice is directly responsible for the murder of Mrs. Flores, because they didn’t do their work properly with Joran van Der Sloot. Lets Change this stupid laws. How can be possible that if a criminal enters to rob in your house, you can’t shoot him. Only with this stupid Dutch system, victims go to jail and “Chollers” keep free walking around. What kind of system is this???.

  13. J Seabrook, How can you accuse an entire island? you have muereresr all over the U.S. . I am A U.S Citizen and I am not to blame for the murderes that commit their crime here. So how can you generalize and blame an entire Island? There is good and bad everywhere. Leave the Arubians Alone! They are not to blame for the mistakes or lack of authorithy on the island!

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