Home Policial Homber tin un dia caba morto den cura di cas na Montaña

Homber tin un dia caba morto den cura di cas na Montaña

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ORANJESTAD (AAN): Diahuebs mainta un ciudadano a topa cu un homber no ta duna señal di bida den cura di cas na Montaña.  Mesora e ciudadano a yama pidi ambulance.

Ambulans a yega, y na e lugar, Paramedico a dicidi na solicita polis debi cu e persona a muri den un forma cu autoridad tin investiga.

Ta mustra cu e homber lo tabata bou di e dak di palo y esaki a kibra y ora di basha abao, e golpi fuerte a mata e homber.

Pero ningun hende a ripara e accident.  Te despues di un dia a bin haya e homber aki, pero ya su color di curpa a cambia, su temperatura interno a baha, y curpa a hincha.

Recherche y departamento forensico a presenta pa asina haci nan investigacion.


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  1. To the editor and an author of this article:could you please translate this news in English ? I am a niece of the man who sadly died and I would appreciate if you could translate this article and republish it. His name is Misho Jovanivic and he has been living in Aruba for many years,well,until now. The family Jovanovic is extremely sad for this loss.
    Thank you.

  2. He was my uncle. Please tell us someting about this situacion on english, ore translate this on english language. Please if someone can… Nenad Jovanovic

  3. ORANJESTAD (AAN): Thursday morning a passerby met a man that wasn’t showing any signs of life in a yard at a house in Montana. A ambulance was called right away.

    The ambulance reached, and at the scene, paramedics decided to call the police since that the person died in a way that had to be investigated.

    It shows that the the man was underneath a roof made out of wood and this broke away, while crashing down (the roof) the man received a hard hit and died.

    But no one noticed this accident. Till later after a day he was discovered by this person, his body had already changed color, his internal body temperature had already dropped, and his body had start to swell.

    Detectives and the forensic department came to the scene to carry out their investigations.


    Sorry for your lost, please accept my condolences. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

  4. I am extremely grateful for having granted my request regarding translation. The facts from the text,at least for a bit,have soothed our grieving hearts,as well as your kind words.
    Thank you on behalf of the family Jovanovic.


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