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Reaccion riba supuesto choller drenta cas bati dos mucha

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I wanted to correct this information that you all has writing down here because all of it is not correct. My brother is not a choller or an addict.  He wants to live as a homeless person and he works for his money by doing side jobs and he never looks for trouble with anyone.

He doesn’t ask anyone for money or anything.  If he wants something he will work for it. People made him the way he is, he trusted people that happens in life.

You all got one side of the medal however a medal has two sides, they only took the information from the so called minors but they did not tell you his side of the medal and all the neighbor hood is going through due to these minors.

Yes, my brother walked in the yard of a so called Family member and beat the kids up. We are totally against that, however he, my aunt and several people in that neighborhood have been having trouble with a gang of children (even adults that are sending the children to do wrong to other people’s place).

How many times has my aunt called the police about these children sitting on her wall throwing thing in the yard, smoking sh*t on the corner cursing bad words and making noise all hours of the night right at her bedroom window.  And did the police do anything?  No they just say that they are kids and cannot do anything about it. My brother also has been having many problems from those same children throwing rocks on the place were he lives and sleeps even last year during the Old Year they throw a fire cracker on her roof and made a big hole on the roof.  Did the parents take responsibility for it?  No!  My aunt had to get someone to patch the roof.

Why don’t you all go up there and see what those minors does during the evening. They sit under a tree on the road and flashes a laser on the cars that are driving by and if you don’t focus good you can run off the road.  Do they care? No, thus the parents don’t even care.

So as a parent, mother, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin, niece, nephew, child… my question is: What are we supposed to do?  Please tell me because the way these kids are being brought up, I feel sorry for our future generation.

Signed by the sister of the Gentleman that is being crucify right now by a couple of ignorant people.

May God Bless our small Island Aruba


Sandra M.C.


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